Refining Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Floor RefinishingWith our process of refining, you, the client gets exactly what you’re asking for. In prefinished flooring, whatever is in the box is what you get. Our process is one of refining, making changes unto the desired look is achieved. We can tweak texture, colour, sheen, and specie. Narrowing these variables down in the refining process achieve the specific look that is sought after.


Onsite Finishing

Everything we sell is unfinished. We don’t sell anything prefinished. Why do we install our flooring unfinished and then finish our floors onsite? Why not just put in prefinished?

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Hardwood Refinishing

Results for hardwood floor refinishing will truly amaze! Revive your worn out floors for a reasonable investment so you can enjoy them for years to come! Use, abuse, and sometimes just time, can make existing hardwood flooring look worn out and tired.

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