Antique/Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Antique/Reclaimed Wood Flooring

  • Ontario Produced

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Unmatched Beauty and Character

  • Durable, Dog Friendly

A proudly Canadian company, Revival Flooring boasts a collection of reclaimed wood flooring from barns and buildings across Ontario. When a project requires especially unique pieces, we source from other North American buildings. These reclaimed boards are then sanded, stained and finished to add personality.

The lumber used in client projects is hand-chosen for their individual characteristics, eye-catching aesthetics, and durability. This lets us customize antique flooring designs to your unique style. Our distinctive assortment of shades, patterns and sizes provide options for every project. From rustic Hemlock barn board planks to modest, elegant Rock Elm – antique wood flooring makes a significant impact on a room.

Why Antique/Reclaimed Wood Flooring?

There are many reasons our clients choose antique reclaimed wood flooring, including:

The Green Factor – Reclaimed wood is one of the purest forms of recycling. It involves taking something old and making it new again. Revival Flooring takes pride in our ability to reduce waste by collecting wall beams, floorboards, support posts and more. The materials we collect come from buildings which are no longer safe and on their way to demolition.

Rare Qualities Exclusive to Antique Wood – Antique wood flooring has spent a hundred or more years gracing the floors and walls of cabins, houses, barns, and other buildings. Overtime the planks take on new characteristics that enhance their appearance. A rich glossy patina builds over years of use. Hairline cracks and insect marks also add to the artistic features of each board. These changes infuse character into the reclaimed wood, producing variations in colour and texture from board to board.

Durability and Wear – Antique flooring is forgiving by nature. The many marks and lines accumulated over time hide faults and form the perfect backdrop for businesses or families with children, pets, and busy lifestyles. Where a new floor would immediately display the first sign of a scuff, these marks only add to the unique character of reclaimed wood flooring.

Our Flooring Styles for Every Project

Living in the beautiful province of Ontario, Revival Flooring is blessed to be surrounded by an abundance of nature. This includes:

White Oak – Naturally resistant to rot and economical in value, White Oak adds beauty and purpose to your home or business.

Grey Elm – Coarse and uneven, Grey Elm is durable and offers a unique style of grain, perfect for flooring.

Hemlock – Hemlock is a softwood, but relatively hard. The trademark cinnamon colour makes it a favourite for accent pieces and floors.

Walnut – This popular hardwood develops a natural rich coloured patina. The sapwood leans toward a soft pale cream colour while the heartwood boasts rich chocolate tones. We can steam the walnut to minimize the sapwood if desired.

Ash – Ash is known for its shock resistance and durability. Light in colour and coarse in texture, it’s a solid choice for furniture, floors, and walls.

Red Pine – Red Pine makes some of the best log cabins in the country. The grain is straight, and while it is a softwood, it can be a good choice for flooring.

Cherry – Cherry wood has a fine, smooth, straight grain. Brown to red in colour, it pairs well with neutral wood.

Rock Elm – The Rock Elm is the strongest of the elm trees and isn’t sold commercially anymore. This makes reclaimed Rock Elm that much more special.

Hickory – Flexible but durable, hickory is one of the toughest woods in North America.

Red Maple – A hardwood with a unique flecked pattern, Red Maple is softer than Hard Maple.

Want to learn more about which of these woods is best for your project? For a free quote, call Revival Flooring today at 877-836-1648, text 519-421-5946 or contact us here.

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