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  • Board Width

  • Specie

  • Colour

  • Solid or Engineered

  • Antique or New

  • Texture

With our process, we are able to provide a floor that is customized to your needs and wants, giving you exactly what is required. We can provide a very formal hardwood floor, to a very rustic hardwood floor. With our onsite finishing process, we can tweak many parameters to obtain varying aesthetics to the hardwood. We can provide floors that are suitable for just about anywhere. Whether you are remodelling your cottage or home, condo, restaurant, bar, retail space, or office, we can customize any hardwood floor we provide.

Have you discovered hardwood flooring online through social media or other sources but have found it’s not available, it’s not exactly what you want, or the price doesn’t fit your budget? We can customize your floor from pictures you send to us. What can we customize?

Board width:

The size of boards can have a large influence on how a hardwood floor will look and feel. If you want wide long boards or thin boards, we can make it. Usually, the boards used in prefinished hardwood flooring are on the smaller end of the spectrum. Quite often, the boards are selected from a low grade lumber and smaller clear areas are cut out of the original piece to give clients a clearer grade. What this leaves clients with is a clearer grade of lumber but the boards are narrow and short. We don’t do this process. The lumber is kept as close as possible to its original state. Therefore, we can provide boards that are as long as 14’, or as wide as 10”. We have even supplied flooring as wide as 16”.


We have access to all sorts of species. The type of specie used lays the foundation for any hardwood floor. species include but are not limited to red oak, white oak, white ash, red maple, ambrosia maple, hard maple, walnut, hickory, red pine, cherry, red elm, grey elm, beech. In the reclaimed woods, we have ash, hemlock or barn board, rock elm, hard maple, beech, red oak and white oak. Selecting the right specie is an effective way to customize any space.


Using stains is very proficient at changing the appearance of hardwood flooring and making it customized. To create different colour palettes and effects, we use stains among other methods to obtain the correct colour, and customize the flooring to the space. Applying stain and partially sanding off the colour adds dimension, and wear which can enhance the colour.

Solid hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring:

With our custom flooring, our product can be made into solid or engineered. With this flexibility, our flooring can be installed anywhere where hardwood flooring is suitable.

New wood or antique wood:

Antique wood and new wood don’t look the same. Depending on the appearance desired, a specific wood is selected to give the correct aesthetic.


With this element, texture can greatly impact the appearance of a hardwood floor. It also has an immeasurable benefit of making a hardwood floor extremely easy to live with, to maintain, and to age with grace. Texture allows hardwood floors to be installed in all sorts of settings where it otherwise couldn’t be. We are proficient with using texture as a way to make a hardwood floor look great, and last for a very long time. You want to live your life or run your business and not worry about your floors. Floors with texture are perfect for dogs, children, and everyday life in your home. They are also ideal for Restaurants, Bars, Stores, and Office space. Wear and tear is hidden and blends in with the beauty of your floor.

The sheen level can be customized from full gloss to matte, and everything in between. With each sheen comes it’s own ambience and the way in which it reflects off of the wood. We know our sheens well and can tweak it to fit the appearance desired.

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