White Ash Flooring

White Ash FlooringAsh is a fantastic wood and yields beautiful results in flooring! As we continue to see, it’s a great material to install in flooring applications. There is very little we can say about ash that is negative. Ash has been commonly used to make baseball bats, billiard cues, basically anywhere strength or flexibility is needed. It’s used in furniture, cabinetry, boat parts, and of course plank flooring

Ash flooring has a grain pattern similar to Oak. Ash is beautiful in its natural colour, although we mostly stain it. If Ash is stained, it can very closely resemble the Oak characteristics. Strong growth rings are the highlight of any Ash plank floor. Ash is now under threat due to the Emerald Ash borer. This beetle is singlehandedly destroying Ash trees and the affected area keeps expanding. The Emerald Ash borer was first discovered in Canada in Windsor Ontario in 2002. Since then, it has spread into Quebec and as far as Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. Having an ash hardwood floor may be somewhat rare as time goes on. By taking down some of the Ash trees now, it is slowing the spread of the beetle, and we can still utilize this excellent wood and benefit from its wonderful properties. With our finishing techniques, Ash provides a diverse range of possibilities.

Ash flooring can be stained many different colours. In fact, it stains well to just about any colour as brown tones, white washing, grey washing, white/grey washing, ebony, jacobean and other stains. Ash is a beautiful option in lower grades that are not perfectly clear, as well as select grades. It is common for Ash flooring to have smaller knots including pin knots, although many boards can be clear of knots. Colour variation is also a hallmark feature of ash. This characteristic is present, yet it is not overwhelming.

Ash flooring is very tough. It ranks high on the Janka scale making it one of the hardest domestic woods to use for flooring. This means it has good dent resistance. Ash flooring is a great option for dogs, children, active lifestyles, and for those who don’t want to needlessly worry about their floors. It’s suitable just about anywhere and can be installed in your place of business, home or condo. We have installed it in Restaurants, and areas with heavy traffic.

Ash flooring also does well with texture. We can mill it to have a flat top. We can also mill it to have sawn marks in the top. This gives a more rustic appearance. With a more rustic appearance, Ash flooring becomes even more forgiving. Dents, scratches, scraps, wear and tear, and abuse are no match for Ash that has textured saw marks. There are even options with regards to the appearance of a textured top floor. The saw marks can be sanded so that they aren’t rough, yet they are still visible. Another option is to fill the saw marks. What this does is give the illusion of a textured floor but in reality, it’s nearly flat as the filler has filled in the saw marks. The filler can be stained to blend into the wood, or it can be tinted to give a contrasting appearance.

Would you like texture but you don’t want the saw marks? There are options! Initially, we install the Ash plank flooring with a flat top. After installation and during the finishing phase, we can add more subtle texture. With this process, texture is added and makes the Ash flooring more forgiving to live with, and adds to the unique beauty. Install an Ash plank floor while it is still available!

White ash flooring

Quick Stats

Wood species
White Ash
$5.25 – $9.00
Install and finish
$5.50 – $8.00
3” to 8 ”
2’ – 14’
5/8” or ¾”
Construction type
Solid or engineered

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