Hardwood Floor Designs

Hardwood Floor DesignsDesign has so much to do with how an item or product turns out. We incorporate your ideas and put them into practise. Clients have different ideas when in the design phase. Some want the hardwood flooring to be muted and blend in with the space. Some want it to look deliberated distressed while some want it to be subtly distressed. Many times, a client will find a designed floor online, and they want to know if we can match it. Sometimes, a client will come up with a design all on their own. Whatever the case, we know the craft of flooring and we can give you the specific flooring you want.

Custom Floor Designs


With our process, we are able to provide a floor that is customized to your needs and wants, giving you exactly what is required. We can provide a very formal hardwood floor, to a very rustic hardwood floor.

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Hardwood Materials


There are 2 ways to make hardwood flooring, engineered and solid. In all our products, they are available in engineered construction or solid. Which type of construction should you choose?

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Hardwood Texture


Texture? Isn’t hardwood flooring flat? Not necessary. Texture can be a very important element to add to a hardwood floor. The sensation when walking on hardwood floors that have texture is fantastic.

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